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Essential Information About Surrogacy

Are you considering surrogacy as a means of starting or growing your family? This document outlines the essential information you need to know about surrogacy and provides a comprehensive overview of the surrogacy process, including the different types of surrogacy, legal considerations and other requirements. Read the guide now to learn more about this life-changing journey and make an informed decision about your path to parenthood. Read The Guide Now

Domestic Surrogacy Checklist

Whether you are an intending parent or surrogate in Ireland the surrogacy process can be complex. It is therefore important to ensure that everyone is following a clear path which outlines the responsibilities and obligations of each party at each stage of the process. To assist you in this regard our surrogacy team has prepared a 'Domestic Surrogacy Checklist' for anyone embarking upon surrogacy in Ireland. Read The Checklist

Chief State Solicitor's Office

The Chief State Solicitors Office represents the Irish State in the Irish Court proceedings. This document outlines the primary requirements of the Chief State Solicitors Office. Read Now

Latest Surrogacy News & Blogs

We regularly publish news and articles on all the lastest developments in Surrogacy to keep everyone up to date including details of the various options available for intending couples so they can make informed decisions on the best way forward for their family. Read Now

Financial Q&A

This short guide looks at the implications of tax during your surrogacy journey and answers common questions about eligibility, expenses and the process invovled. Understanding the tax implications of surrogacy is often an important issue for intended parents and surrogates alike. Find out more and read the guide now. Read The Guide Now

What People Say

The best decision we ever made was to proceed with surrogacy, the second best was working with Annette, Ger and all at Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan Solicitors.

Recent Surrogacy Clients

When we first began seeking legal advice around International Surrogacy, we spoke to a number of legal firms and researched the various family law providers as much as we could. The day we had our first encounter with Annette Hickey at PKHL was in essence, the day that we as a family decided that we would now be equipped to face that journey together. Read More

Brian and Kathy Egan

We only have positive things to say about all the help and assistance you provided us both. From the very start of the process we felt that no question was too small and that we could contact either of you, by phone or email to discuss any small concerns we had. Read More

Recent Surrogacy Clients

Annette, Ger and her team were the calm oasis of advice, encouragement and legal clarity that helped us at every crucial stage, to realise our dream of bringing our precious baby home.

Recent Surrogacy Clients

Our journey through surrogacy was made so much easier thanks to Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan Solicitors.The first time we met Annette and Ger I felt so much support and understanding that my mind was instantly put at ease. Read More

Keith and Cathy Wheatley

We can’t thank Annette enough for all her hard work and assistance. From the very start Annette made us feel comfortable on our surrogacy journey. Highly recommend Annette and team to couples starting their journey. Read More

Stephen and Theresa

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