By Annette Hickey

Updated Surrogacy Guide - Committee Stage Amendments

Surrogacy Guide - Updated 2024The Health Assisted Human Reproduction Bill 2022 has made significant progress through the legislative process since the publication of the 5th edition of our eBook in 2022.

On the 24th January 2024 the Health Committee held their first meeting where they started the process of reviewing and considering Government proposed committee stage amendments.

The Health Committee finished this process on the 6th of March. The Bill now progresses to Report stage. This is the last opportunity for amendments to be proposed to the text of the Bill.

We have included some additional information and guidance into this edition of our eBook to reflect some of the important committee stage amendments.

We will update and include additional information and guidance into this eBook if required after Report stage to reflect any additional amendments introduced during that stage.

We have highlighted on the contents page of the eBook the sections that include additional information and guidance to reflect the committee stage amendments.

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Written By Annette Hickey

Annette has exclusively practised family law in the litigation department for the past 10 years and heads up the firm's Surrogacy & Fertility law team.

She is highly respected and regarded for her expertise and knowledge of fertility law, surrogacy and same-sex family matters. Diligent, thorough and empathetic, Annette brings a wealth of experience, sensitivity and understanding to our team.

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